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  Welcome to the Nyhus Photography website. With a diverse collection of photographs from airplanes to scenery to suit your taste. The store is open and if you see a photograph that you like you can order it at the store. A guestbook is also available and entries are greatly appreciated. If you're interested in what equipment I use, click here. New photos can be identified by the "(NEW)" text above them. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the photos.

Joshua Nyhus




11-12-08 Added new photos under the "People" section of the site.
05-22-08 Combined Nature & Scenic into Outdoors section. Added a new section "People" Thirty plus new photos coming soon.
05-01-08 Store will be shut down while I focus on new things and update the site.
09-08-07 Photos added to the following sections:
Military Aviation, Nature Page 2, Miscellaneous & Scenic.
07-10-07 New site design and layout is complete! The panoramas section has been removed and all panoramas have been moved to the best fitting section.
06-14-07 New photos added to the following sections:
Special Events, General Aviation 3, Nature 2, Misc. & Military Aviation. My cameras and Links pages also updated.
05-21-07 Corrections made to the Scenic section (Thanks Allison, tried to reply, got an e-mail error).
Expect new photos by the end of the month.



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